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Strategic Implantology by Best Implantologist

  1. Patients requesting implants can be treated practically without exception – regardless of the extent of bone loss or whether residual teeth are present and require extraction. 

  2. Only one single surgical intervention is necessary. Strategic Implants are splinted with (permanent or semi-permanent) bridges very soon after the implant placement. If desired, another bridge (for instance of a different material) may be placed after 6-9 months. In many cases however the first bridge will be the final one.

  3. The low number of surgeries and other treatment steps reduces the overall cost. Rapid and effective measures will be taken by our qualified implantologists if any complications occur.

  4. Implants with slim design interfere with the host bone’s blood supply much less than comparable conventional implants.

  5. The polished implants are virtually free from peri-implantitis, a dangerous infection found only around conventional implants. Peri-implantitis leads to serious problems and severe bone loss. The infection is not found around Strategic Implants. 

  6. Because Strategic Implants can be immediately loaded, patients can quickly return to their normal life with the help of our best implantologists.


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