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Beautiful smiles and invigorated confidence are your assets. And getting it right takes clear communication, an expert orthodontist, exceptional service and individualized care. Minor tooth movement when combined with cosmetic dental procedures can make a world of difference to your smile.

Treatment options:

  1. Braces – Metal bands are placed around teeth, or plastic, ceramic or metal bonds are attached to the teeth surface. Springs or wires apply force to the teeth. Aligners, also known as clear braces without wires might also be used in some patients. Click here to know more about different Braces options.

  2. Surgery – Surgical reshaping for shortening or lengthening the jaw is required in rare cases. Screws, plates or wires might be used as well for stabilizing the jaw bone.

  3. Removal of one or more teeth – This is the treatment option in case overcrowding is part of the problem as well.

At Ehan’s Dental Care, we recommend the treatment which is best for you. You can schedule an appointment with us and find out more about the procedure.

Malaligned and crowded teeth

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